How do I register a team?    If you have a team to register, download the above registration form, complete and email to us at: wallanjuniornetball@gmail.com

What if I want to register a team but don't know all the players names and their personal info?   We only need the Team name, Team Managers contact details and the Age group (u9, u11 etc) to start off with so we can do the fixtures - however we will need the remaining information (refer rego form) by round one, so please submit as much info as you have available.

What if I want to put in a team but can't fill a full team?   If you are looking to register a team and need more players - please email us as we have a 'player waiting list' of players that would like to play.  We can pass on names to you and you contact the players directly.

How do I register my child?  We are not a club. We are volunteer admin people who co-ordinate and run a local junior netball competition. We ask people in the community to submit a team entry form and then we take it from there. Most teams are submitted by friends/family/school contacts who put a team together. If you are new to the area we propose to run a meeting time before a new season starts. We hope this may help players get together and form teams. We also have a "player waiting list" which you can put your name down on. We often get team managers looking for spare players.

What if I only have one or two players?  We have a 'player waiting list' for any players looking to play netball in our competition.  If teams are looking for players we are more that happy to pass your details on to them and they will make contact with you.  If you wish to go onto our waiting list - please send through the players name, age, experience and contact details to: wallanjuniornetball@gmail.com  

(Or alternatively we suggest your child asks around at school as most teams are formed from school friends).

How much does it per season cost?  The costs for the 2016 season will be determined once we finalise the length of the season. Fee's includes: stadium hire, umpires & trophies for finals.  Once a player fills in four (4) or more games for a team they are deemed eligible for finals and must pay the season fee.   

What is VNA? - All players must be VNA registered (Netball Vic Association Insurance) before being allowed to take the court.  This is an once off annual fee.  It covers you for any games played in Victoria in that year, not just our competition.  The current fee payable to Netball Vic (via our competition) is $49 per player payable the first game - players are not allowed to take the court uninsured.  If you have paid this fee at another association please provide proof of payment to one of our Treasurer - available at the stadium.

What times are the games?   Its hard to say exactly (as we need to know team numbers in each section) but in the past times have been:  Under 9 games - 4pm,  Under 11 games - 4.50,  Under 13 games - 5.30 & under 13 games - 6.30 & 7.20.  This may vary season to season.

How long is a season?   In 2016, we are trying something new and the season is likely to run in term 2 & 3 with ~ 13 or 14 rounds plus finals

My child has never played before, how do we start?  Lots of clubs in the area ; Wandong netball club, Kilmore netball club & St Pats netball club all run Net Set Go programmes for players 6-9 yrs.  We are looking into running a NSG programme again at the stadium but we need parents to volunteer as our children have all moved past this stage.  All three clubs above play in the Kilmore Broadford Netball Association (KNBA) - they play Sat morning at various locations in the area (winter sport) and train thought the week. This could be a great opportunity to learn how to play if you are an older player.

My child does NSG can they play under 9?   Our u9 section is very much for beginners (6-9yrs) however players must be able to catch & throw and understand the game a little (including positions).  We would recommend a season of NSG before playing, or at least strong ball skills and a parent who's played and has explained the rules.  Our umpires are fabulous with the players and will often 'hold up' the game to explain the rules.  It all about the kids having fun!!!  

I'm interested in Umpiring?  We are always looking for qualified umpires each season, game times are 4.50, 5.40, 6.30 and 7.20 (if numbers permit) send an email to wallanjuniornetball@gmail.com and we'll be in touch.  Unfortunately we don't have the resources to train up junior umpires at this stage (we have trained many over the past 6 years) however if you are looking to learn go to Netball Vic Website and do the online umpire course and then contact any of the local Clubs St Pats, Wandong or Kilmore Netball Clubs as they are often able to take on umpires in training.   

I'm interested in volunteering?  We would love to hear from you if you are keen to help out in any way, as our children get older we will need to hand the reins to other parents happy to help out as this is a great facility for young netballers.